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that they found dead in the gaithersburg townhome. police found her in the raven avenue home in gaithersburg last night. while it has not been ruled a homicide, police are treating it that way. surae chinn reports from the townhome now being treated as a crime scene. >> reporter: a tragic mystery as police stand guard watching over the townhome, surrounded by yellow tape. people here are wondering what happened here before police arrived and found the girl's body. >> i was very shocked and surprised. i wasn't for sure exactly what was going on. >> i'm a father. it is really sad. >> police received an emergency call last night about a child who was injured. when they arrived, they found a girl they believed to be 12 years old, unresponsive in the basement of 745 raven avenue in gaithersburg. >> this is very disturbing. >> reporter: the morning paper sits at the doorstep, delivered to the home that's now being treated as a crime scene. >> there was some trauma to the body. we are investigating this as a homicide. >> i'm really just caught off- guard. i'm wondering why did this happen? what would so
was found dead in gaithersburg home. 12-year-old jessica nguyen's death has been ruled a homicide. investigators will not say how she died or whether a killer is on the loose. now more from gaithersburg with brianne carter. >> a lot more questions than answers at this time. a lot of people want to know exactly what happened. you can see there's a growing memorial that replaces the police tape that was outside the house today. friends of the 12-year-old girl are heartbroken after learning the middle school student was found dead inside her home. yesterday the medical examiner ruled that the straight-a middle school student's deck was a homicide. police were originally called to amman raven avenue around 7:30 tuesday night and found the young child dead in the basement inside this town home. she had trauma to the upper body. authorities are not say much more about this case. except to say that the investigation is very active and ongoing. police have told us they were talking to people in the community, trying to determine exactly what happened. residents say that they are concerned
between rockefeller and gaithersburg. -- diminishing showers between rockville and gaithersburg. the average 84-65. a pretty big day for grass pollen. mold and trees in the moderate range. no help for the pollen tomorrow. 66 in gaithersburg. 72 at washington dulles airport. 73 downtown. 73 in la plata. as this high pressure moves, we will be back to the chamber of commerce whether, blue skies there weather clouds a dry day tomorrow but very quickly the heat and humidity will come back towards the area. the clouds moving quickly to the south and east. just to the west, the next whether maker -- weather maker. this will rapidly change the sunny day to a 70% chance of rain on thursday. here is the futurecast. high pressure giving is a beautiful day tomorrow. then showers, may be an isolated thunderstorms on thursday. warm humid on friday. and a very warm and weaken the mid to upper 80's. an isolated storm possible, but sunday afternoon at a better chance. tomorrow, a beautiful day partly to mostly sunny comfortable in the upper 70's. 70% chance of rain thursday. 40% on friday. warm
. that is in gaithersburg. that is also where ken molestina joins us live. ken, what happened. >> ? >> reporter: well, that's the big question tonight i. we just got through speaking to police and they're not giving us too much detail. they don't want to give out too many details. the investigation is taking place inside. the house you see there on your screen we're being told it was inside that house where a juvenile female was found dead earlier today. let's show you some video of what it looked like earlier today over here on the 745 raven street in gaithersburg. police have been investigating this since about 7:34. we believe they have been out here for about three hours. both gaithersburg police as well as investigators with montgomery county police department have been out here all evening. right now they are still out here right now still a lot of crime scene tape taped off here. we understand that montgomery county police are the ones that are providing the homicide investigation. so that is their roll in this investigation tonight as they try and look into this riff. but again, just a couple minut
photo just released this evening of a little girl from gaithersburg who has been murdered. her name is jessica n. now the latest on this devastating case. >> reporter: well, the circumstances are most disturbing. happy sixth grader found dead in her home last night after police were called to the house. and today confirmation from the state medical examiner that this was in fact a child homicide. >> reporter: it was a happy trouble free sixth grader, honor role student at gaithersburg middle school. classmates came to leave balloons and stuffed animals at the house on raven avenue in gaithersburg where jessica died. >> the medical examiner has ruled this death a homicide. >> reporter: police say jessica had trauma to her upper body but they are saying little else. there are no announced suspects and no arrests. police were called because of a report of an injured child. a minivan was towed away and police say they spent much of the evening interviewing family members and neighbors. that's where the investigation started but investigators have emphasized tonight that is not necessari
-- in this gaithersburg community. authorities are still searching for a suspect. overwhelming emotion and the flashing lights of police cruisers filled this community last night after a child was found dead inside her home. >> it is terrible. this is a very quiet neighborhood. >> police say around 7:30 last night there were called to the 700 block of raven avenue for an injury to a child. once on the scene, they found a 12-year-old girl murdered. >> we are talking with family members and neighbors to determine exactly what the circumstances were. >> police released few details but said they are investigating this as a homicide. neighbors and family say they have so many questions. rick lives down the street. he says he heard the screams. >> one of the officers said we have a lot of blood. then they rushed tot the house. >> and back out here live, police are out here just outside of the house. police have not released any details as to how the young child died or any other details related to the case. as he said, they are still searching for a suspect. >>> police are investigating the crash in fauqui
chevy chase and bethesda and another one in between gaithersburg and manassas. not a lot of rainfall but a better chance of storms later this afternoon. 87-92 for daytime highs and that should stick around for the overnight hours and other was warm and muggy. sue marcum almost a repeat but a better chance -- tomorrow, almost a repeat of a better chance of showers. you can click on our website for whether, wjla.com. >>> it is very busy overnight from montgomery county. some of the signals throughout rockville and gaithersburg and germantown and damascus are out of sync with one another. half of those signals are on a new system which is good but you will find some of those signals out of sync because of the storm that came through. it will have that system under control very soon but keep in mind it will be a little slower. we will have more on this situation and it looked from newschopper7 and more in virginia in our next report. >>> would begin with breaking news from the george washington parkway. the crash sent a car plunging into the potomac river. police said the car left road o
. gaithersburg police on the scene right now. it appears they are blocking the road if you are coming southbound along 355. it looks like they have the roadway blocked at this point with the accident clean-up. no accidents to report southbound along 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> for nearly 2,000 pepco customers, the power came back on, briefly and now it is off again. they are without power once again as crews work to restore that service this morning. stacy cohan has the latest on what is going on there. >> reporter: good morning. thank goodness the weather is cooperating today. how frustrating. power was out tuesday for about 4 hours. power finally came back on last night and then power went right back off again within one hour of it being restored. here is the situation right now. there is a city block shut down here at first and m northeast as crews continue to work to try to get full rest ration of the power. what pepco says happened is they had some major units blow underground. it overtaxed the system. they thought they had the problem fixed but very leerily, they
for being so helpful. >> it's heart breaking story out of gaithersburg. >> this after a 12-year-old girl is found dead. >>> new information this morning into the death of that 12-year-old whose body was found earlier this week. >>> one state is looking to become more self-reliant. we will tell you what they are planning to do ahead. >>> also, ravens fans they he want a season and we are standing by for what could come today in this on again off again nfl season. details coming up. >>> 6:41. maryland's most powerful doppler radar towards annapolis this morning. we are watching a dry sweep across the chesapeake, and we will take you there. right now at harbor school, 61 degrees. the harbor school i was there yesterday to prove it. they wished me good morning. and i was on the webcam. two of my favorite people there. we had a great visit there yesterday. by the way, congratulations to the winner andrew henry wind for change, 36-mile-per-hour nor'easter blowing in. we will talk about more how much money we raiseed for the cool kids campaign and the weekend weather coming up. how about traffi
in gaithersburg. lower 80s martinsburg. the dew points almost 30 degrees less compared to 24 hours ago. only in the mid 40s from manassas. 46 in washington. 45 in martinsburg. that's why it feels so much better outside. now, i'll let you know how long this trend lasts with a break from the heat before it warms back up coming up later. j.c.? >> all right, thank you very much, anny. >> deadly destruction in massachusetts today after at least two tornadoes hit the central part of the state. the twisters killed four people and injured dozens more. schools are closed and residents are being told to stay off roads as crews investigate the damage and begin the cleanup process. the governor has declared a state of emergency. >> rebuild. we're going to rebuild together because we're all in this together. >> this is the worst tornado to hit central massachusetts since 1953. >>> an investigation is underway into a deadly house fire in frederick, maryland. one person died at a home in the 800 block of east south street. firefighters found the victim on the second floor. two other people in the home were
and pronounced dead at a local hospital. >>> 4:34 is the time. the resident of a gaithersburg neighborhood are scared this morning as police remain quiet surrounding the circumstances of a 12-year-old girl's death. she was found in the basement of a townhouse on tuesday night. jackie benson has the latest on what the police are saying about the investigation. >>> the townhouse in gaithersburg remains sealed off. crime scene investigators continue to come and go. it indicates that detectives believe that she holds the secrets to who murdered her. the body was found in the basement of the house. in the ensuing 24 hours, no warnings to the public, no plea to be on the lookout for suspicious persons. they did take into evidence a vehicle of someone who spends a lot of time in the home. jessica lives here with members of the extended family, some of whom are home when the girl's body was discovered. are people in danger? the answer? >> we're looking at every possibility. the investigation is very active at this time. >> jessica, a shy and very quiet girl never mentioned she feared anyone who li
humidity. so kind of yucky out there. 98 degrees in downtown. 91 in gaithersburg. cooling down. leesburg at 97. winchester still at 95. culpeper 97 degrees. let's look at those dew points. in the 70s. that's why it is feeling so uncomfortable and you can feel it kind of weigh you down outside. and when you factor in the temperature and the dew points here is the heat index. 102 in downtown. fredericksburg tough at 112. manassas 103. gaithersburg around 98. leesburg 105. even out toward the west we are looking at stanton 91 degrees. so it is an unusually very hot day today. in fact, we broke a couple records. so hot but cooler soon. warm and muggy tonight. thursday hot and humid again. heat advisory until thursday night. then we do see a chance for some showers and thunderstorms getting into the forecast. so tonight clear and partly cloudy. warm an muggy. check out the lows tonight. mid-70s around dc. annapolis upper 70s. and in manassas 71 degrees. so not a whole lot of cooling. you want to get those air conditioners still going or at least find some relief if you can. in the morning p
. there are calls to widen the phone hacking investigation surrounding a private investigator. >>> gaithersburg, maryland, that copper head snake in your neighborhood has been found. it was captured yesterday. the snake was picked up in the 100 block of swanton lane, it was taken to the police station and booked. authorities say it is rare to find a copper head in gaithersburg. the snakes are most active at dusk during the summer months. copper heads and timber rattlesnakes are the only venomous snakes indigenous to maryland. >>> also in gaithersburg, word that an alien invasion is underway. the invasive species of plants, when you are overrun by invasive species who you are going to call? the
at the gaithersburg home. she was found murdered on tuesday. it's a clear sign that they are still looking for evidence in a case that remains unsolved. scott broom is live at the home on raven avenue where he has been piecing together more background on jessica and her family. and scott tell us more. >> reporter: well in fact, the detectives have just wrapped up and left for the day. no arrests, no charges, and extremely frustrating situation for neighbors who are very uncomfortable. and that a 12-year-old girl was killed in this house behind me, under the circumstances that detectives simply will not talk about. and meanwhile, jessica's classmates, the sixth graders at the nearby gaithersburg middle school, they are simply crushed by what's happening. jessica wynn, popular, happy, honor roll, smart. afraid of classmates, came by here to leave momentos and to grieve. >> yesterday, everybody was crying. >> reporter: this sixth grader said she needed a day off from school after seeing jessica's empty seat yesterday. >> i loved her a lot and that changed. i just want her to be happy up in he
raven avenue in gaithersburg. >> reporter: this is a tragic mystery on hand. it happened at the 745 house on raven avenue. the house that we're standing in front of, the townhome, second one in from the end. police still standing watch over the townhome also yellow tape around there. we shot some video awhile ago. we just got it into the newsroom of a mini van being towed away from the house. this is early this morning. it was escorted by police and we don't know and can't confirm if it is the family minivan. it was escort by police. i want to show you some of the video from last night. distraught family members outside. friends and neighbors all gathering at the corner. some crying and comforting each other. police tell us at 7:34 last night, they received a call for a pediatric injury. police arrived here on the scene and found the girl in the basement of the home. >> montgomery county police are investigating this as a homicide at this time. we are interviewing family members, neighbors for more information. >> police have not confirmed the age of this little girl. police do say
in gaithersburg 78 in quantico. the late night, summary, muggy and it is the air, summery.-- 79 is what it feels like in gaithersburg. the same in fredericksburg. coming through this wednesday, back again, noon until 8:00. thing to watch is going to thunderstorm possibility for the afternoon. very high range for grass pollen. also for trees, as well. temperatures all across the mid- atlantic very warm, but that breeze continues. 68 degrees at logan airport. the water is very warm late at night. whate will wait to see this front does. is kind of some serious clouds. 1:00, 2:00 in the evening hours. after the storms, a little bit of a break. and little bit of a break. 91 to 95 degrees. it could feel even warmer of the humidity in the air. saturday, hot and humid, near a chance of a 30%.erstorm, if your weather is always you cannot see as television at wjla.com. live doppler radar. to them your kind of he basketball kind. there was some, was there not? -- from your kind of heat. not? -- from your kind of heat. outside of dallas ok. what if i just had a small slice? i was good today, i deserve it! o
gaithersburg home and they are still looking for suspects and motives. they say investigators are waiting for large results and analysis of evidence from the girl's home. >>> more fallout over the police motorcade for charlie sheen. two officers have been sidelined and the chief of police now states accusations that she mishandled the investigation. horace holmes is live now from northwest. >> the metro police officers say that the transfers of a captain and a lieutenant out of the special operations division is a clear sign of emotion. these are the transfer documents signed by the police chief and obtained by abc 7 news. they reveal that high-ranking officers in the special operations division have been moved out of their jobs. captain atcheson has been moved and lt. emerman they are under investigation on signing up for a security detail that is courted actor charlie sheen when he was in town back in april. >> it was done and not necessary, then it may be necessary to take action like that. >> he shows pictures of the police motorcade traveling 80 miles per hour. the chief said he she
default settings. >> and friends and family of a young girl murdered in gaithersburg make their grief public on >>> tonight at 5:00, the family of a 12-year-old girl killed in her home talks about their grief. >> this comes as detectives try to figure out who stabbed jessica nyugen to death more than a week ago inside her home in gaithersburg. brad? >> what we are being told is this is an absolute murder mystery. that that is taking a toll on those who love this little girl. a week and half after her murder and a day after rivera, the family of -- after her burial, the family of jessica nyugen is moving out of the home in which she was killed. on the facebook page in memorial for the little girl, there is a quotation from a girl who says she is her older sister. it reads -- also tonight, police are confirming how the sixth grader died. >> the medical examiner confirmed that jessica nyugen was stabbed to death. she was found in the basement of her home. >> that is all police will say. we do know that this grassy area behind the home was mowed down for a metal detectors search. sources
neighborhood. 12-year-old jessica nguyen was stabbed to death in the basement of her house in gaithersburg. they have no suspects or leads right now. her family is moving out of the home where she died. >>> it is 70 degrees. still to come, mudslides turned deadly in haiti. rain washed away homes and buried victims in the rubble. >> terrifying night for local residents after an apartment building went up in flames. >> first another set of your wednesday mo >>> good morning. 5:08. time for a check of traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey has been talking about high temperatures already. just the beginning. >> it is going to be a small heatwave for couple days with highs in the upper 90's possibly breaking records, then we will cooldown for the weekend. clear skies overhead right now. it's going to be a sunny day. the jet stream is pulling the heat and humidity from the tropics and into our area. we will be entrenched in that a mass today. 72 in the district right now 65 in martinsburg. the heat and humidity will make it feel like 100 to 105. that's why we have the heat adviso
are not cycling properly, including portions of damascus, rockville german dotown and gaithersburg. 200 traffic signals not working or cycling wrong. not working its connecticut avenue with a crash northbound. they are closing the ramp from the outer loop to connecticut because of the accident. working very well is traffic in virginia. springfield. headlights. more of them starting to hit the road. >>> will continue to check back with you to find out what is happening with the traffic lights in montgomery county. but now it is 5:12, 71 degrees. coming up in today's tech bites big numbers for a popular search engine. waiting to use your helmet clicks google got ina single month. >> a car crash sent the woman and her car plunging 200 feet into the river. >> what's trending on wjla.com. host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: what, do you live under a rock? man: no way! man: hey rick check this out! anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save 15% or mo on car insurance. [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community. [ kimberly ] the universi
examiner has ruled the death of a 12-year-old girl in gaithersburg a homicide. the girl was found dead in her raven avenue home last night. let's go live to police headquarters for the latest. >> this is a terribly sad story. i want to show you a picture -- we just got an official picture from the montgomery county school system. a sixth grade student at the gaithersburg middle school. she should have been safe at home but yesterday afternoon she was found murdered in her basement. 12 year-old girls and their mothers placed teddy bears and blooms in front of the home. it's a tragedy she is probably too young to fully understand, but this sixth grader told us about her gesture. >> she's always going to be there for me and i will always be here for her even though she's not here. >> she is found dead in her home yesterday evening. there was obvious trauma to her body and police have ruled her death a homicide. they will not say what they know and who is in the house with the girl. >> we're looking at every possibility. the investigation is very active at this time. >> we kno
county mobile newsroom in gaithersburg, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >>> storm watch tonight as storms moved closer to the area. doug hill is tracking the storms right now from the weather center. cox -- >> here in the belfort furniture weather center. in this little polygon, this is the warning area. the storm has been weakening. storms southwest through orange county, a severe thunderstorm warning has been dropped for those areas. lots of thunder and lightning. a lot of action ahead of this cold front but most of the activity has passed just south of the metro washington area. the 13th time this year we had hit 90 or above. the moisture levels, the heat index is now 101 in the city of washington but this will get better throw tomorrow with much less humidity. partly sunny, scattered thunderstorms tuesday evening. more in just a few minutes. >>> you can check the forecast and a time on our website wjla.com. >>> in developing story coming out of frederick county. the mother of a young man accused in a dui crash that killed a family of four is speaking out. the key driver of the crash h
on how to get there, live to surae chinn at the montgomery county fairgrounds in gaithersburg. good morning. >> reporter: good morning you two. yeah, what you need to know is to come to the fairgrounds and park here. but once you get here, what can you bring? you see my arms are full of stuff. i have my armchair, water and an umbrella and i'm going to walk through the metal detectors and see what's going to be okay. i put my keys here. all right. oh, i beeped so something obviously is wrong here. so i'm going to talk with dennis, in charge here. what is okay? what's not okay that i have in my arms? >> well, what you have here is a chair, but it has arms and that's not permitted. chairs with arms are not permitted. however, you can bring chairs, tripod chairs or just chairs with a bottom and a back, through there can be no arms. >> reporter: what else? >> we have liquid, this is a water bottle. but any type of bottled material cannot be brought in. >> reporter: in cell phones if. >> a chair like this will go back@car. cell phones need to go back to the car as well. >> reporter: but y
at 10. in the beltway, mid to upper 60s. and 61 gaithersburg. 65 college park. 64 bowie. low 60s in fairfax and reston. 59 leesburg and 60 manassas and 59 middleburg. for the morning, sunny with a cool start. grab the sunglasses. for the afternoon, mostly sunny and beautiful, not humid, highs around 85 and the only difference between today and tomorrow really are the winds. northwesterly at 10. 87 in arlington. 86 downtown. most folks either side of 85. 85 bowie. 85 fairfax and reston. 84 leesburg and 85 in manassas. in the mountains, west of the divide in oakland, cumberland 72. low 70s tomorrow. beautiful for the mountains and coast. no winds to speak of, no advisories in terms of small craft advisories. 58 to 68 to start. 78, 83 by lunchtime. 84 to 88 by evening. next seven days. it gets hot on friday or at least close to hot, near 90 but still hot and humid. then comes the heat wave. mid-90s on saturday. on sunday. even the fourth low 90s. back in the mid-90s tuesday and wednesday. just an isolated thunderstorm each afternoon. that he -- is about it. >>> next, frustration
gaithersburg home. a short time ago police confirmed the death on raven avenue is considered a homicide. now, the question is who did it and why? we go to montgomery county headquarters with new details. scott broom has the story. >> reporter: they just released the photo of this 12-year-old girl. 12 years old. middle schooler at gaithersburg middle school in the gaithersburg area. always on the honor role. a wonderful child according to her friends and neighbors who talked to us about her today who are in shock, disbelief about what has happened to her. nearly 20 hours after the call for help from this home and discovery of jessica's body here. investigators arrived to search for evidence again. an indication that this child murder is nowhere near solved. >> the medical examiner has ruled this death a homicide. >> reporter: but police have little more to offer. >> i can tell you that there is trauma to her upper body. i can't comment about what type of traumat this time. >> reporter: suspect. >> we are not ruling anything in or out right now. >> reporter: meanwhile, shocked classmates. and
, gaithersburg, damascus, and derwood. your lights are not synchronized for the rush hour schedule. they are working, but they're not synchronized for rush hour. this may cause you significant delays this morning. and i want to bring your attention to virginia. 66 east, there's an accident right at route 123. you can see by the red and yellow, you're slow from the 7100, and then it's going to be stop and go as you pass this accident. the accident is in your right shoulder lane. it seems to be causing a little bit of a delay this morning. a look at your rails. rails are open and running on time. metro, marc, vre, especially montgomery county, metro may be the way that you want to go and make your commute this morning. joe and eun, back to you. >> danella, thank you. >>> this morning metro is commemorating the deadliest accident in its history. two years ago a red line train slammed into a stopped train near the ft. totten station killing nine people. more than 70 other people were injured. the ntsb blames a malfunctioning electronic circuit for that collision. news 4's melissa molle
of a gaithersburg house in the 700 block of raven avenue. fox 5's wisdom martin is on the scene. what have you learned, wisdom? >> reporter: well, this is the hidden creek subdivision here in gaithersburg. police remain on the scene continuing their investigation, but what we know is that this is a suspicious death being investigated as a homicide. we're told that the victim is a 12-year-old girl found dead inside the basement of one of the townhomes. police got the 911 call at about 7:34 tonight. they have not said who was in the house at the time of the 12- year-old's death when this happened. they didn't say who made the 911 call and we have not been told how the victim died. so the circumstances around the death of this 12-year-old girl are still a mystery at this point. we're expecting at any moment to have a police briefing we've been told only a little by police at this point who arrived on the scene a short time just before we did, the spokes people. they're still gathering information and are expecting to have a briefing any moment to give us some more details, but at this point what
of pennsylvania this afternoon. with the spotty showers. your temperatures this morning, mid-50s in gaithersburg to 64 here in washington. angie? >> green light stays on as we start the 6:00 hour. not looking too bad out there across the viewing area. hope you're off to a fantastic tuesday. let's get started with our maps. we'll take a closer look at 95 in virginia. tracking that northbound trip, seeing a little yellow on the screen. outside, that's because we're tracking the volume that's building between the prince william parkway and the 123 exit. as you move it over to the maps again, we'll shift our focus over to 66. we're tracking the eastbound travelers here. it looks like we're slowing down in two spots. no surprise from 234 over to 28 and again from 50 also up to 123. as far as your travel times are concerned, on the outer loop, no incidents to report in maryland. 95 over to 270, we're still in the green moving at speed about 10 minutes. southbound on 95, no problems approaching the beltway. speaking of the beltway, the inner loop is moving smoothly from route 4 pennsylvania to the wils
are coming in now. 79 in fredericksburg. moving north. 82 downtown. 79 in gaithersburg. 79 in leesburg. 77 in manassas. culpeper as well. even 77 out towards martinsburg. satellite picture, radar combined. we do see showers in much of tennessee and kentucky. much of middle and eastern tennessee. very intense storms. down to knoxville and down to chattanooga. those clouds associated with those storms will get in here tonight staying dry until mid- morning on thursday. probably a dry commute if you are driving around grab an umbrella of. almost hot by saturday and sunday. futurecast 9:30 p.m. tonight just clouds off to the west but then as we put this into motion by 6 a.m. in the morning this is all light activity but it is wet. light showers. culpeper. back to cumberland. you're walking at lunch grab annum bella. yellow just north of gaithersburg up into baltimore an howard county. that's heavier activity. as you go through the day. 6 p.m. this is not great news for round 1. scattered showers and thunderstorms. but most of it thankfully is green which is light activity and it does seem to
. and 75 in gaithersburg. 77 in fredericksburg and 77 in manassas. so not crazy hot. satellite picture radar combined, big thunderstorms, and they got hammered earlier. it's quiet now and what's left of those storms moving eastward. we'll see maybe a shower from this little complex. for the most part, they are weakening and not talking about anything severe here by any means tonight. maybe a stray shower tonight and maybe one tomorrow morning. in the meantime, we have a few clouds pushing through. we should be dry until about midnight. walk the dog, no problems. all right, still unsettled, then hot. cool tonight, some showers possible. isolated storms possible on tuesday. summer solstice tomorrow at 1:16. and heating up this week, the temperatures will max, no doubt about that. here's our future cast and tonight we are in good shape. we'll stop at 12:30 tonight, some showers appearing up to the north and west of us. notice it's green, so it's light. nothing crazy heavy. by morning, there could be some wet roads around parts of the metro area with light showers up 270. then we get into
. 88 in gaithersburg, 88 in manassas. 90 still in frederick. now let's factor in the humidity. still feels like it is in the 90s around town. feels like 100 in fredericksburg. so a little bit on the hot side. will probably repeat these heat indexes tomorrow. in fact, humidity continues. muggy night. slight chance of a thunderstorm. breezy and hot tomorrow. a cold front on friday. so we are kind of pinning our hopes on getting a little more activity in terms of showers and storms on friday. and some of those could be heavy. and some of the ones that develop could be severe. we will keep you posted. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. partly cloudy, muggy. isolated thunderstorm. we will keep it in for just a little bit longer. 70 to 75. winds south-southwest at 10. lows tonight inside the beltway. we are talking mid-70s and not that much more comfortable outside the beltway. 70 in gaithersburg. 73 in college park. 72 in fairfax. now, tomorrow morning, partly cloudy, very warm. maybe a shower. 70s an 80s. then by afternoon, a chance of a thunderstorm. some could be hefty. high temperat
-old girl murdered in gaithersburg last week. montgomery county police now say jessica nguyen was stabbed to death. we do not know if nguyen was killed by a stranger or by someone she knew. she was found dead last tuesday evening in the basement of a town home on raven avenue where she lives with her family. police have towed away a minivan. they searched the home. so far no one has been arrested in this case. >>> to howard county where police released surveillance video of a beating and robbery in a bar and police hope it will lead to a suspect. this happened on may 29. the video shows a woman just being punched by another in the face, being knocked down to the ground and a woman takes the other one's purse. police are offering a $500 reward for information leading to a suspect. >> a gang of alleged graverobbers is busted in prince georges county. prosecutors say four men have been charged with stealing from three different cemeteries. matt has the disturbing details. >> lesli, police and prosecutors said it was a two- yearlong investigation. stealing urns and grave markers worth an es
. 64 for gaithersburg. leesburg around 65 degrees. and by the morning, partly to mostly cloudy and pleasant. grab the sunglasses. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. in the afternoon, partly cloudy and very warm. air quality is code orange. includes the elderly, children, and people with asthma. highs tomorrow, a little warmer compared to today. 86 to 91 degrees and notice the winds will be out of the southwest at 5 to 10. that means more humidity coming in tomorrow. it will be uncomfortable by thursday. by wednesday and thursday rather. all right, here's your forecast. cumberland 85 and around gaithersburg, around upper 80s, 90s for frederick. dc around 89 degrees. you are warming up to 87 degrees under partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions. here's your seven-day outlook. the heat and humidity, wednesday and thursday, it is on for those two days. in the mid to upper 90s. friday we have a chance for showers and thunderstorms. the good news is, the heat wave not lasting long. that is when also celebrate fairfax kicks off. a lot of us will be there throughout the three days on th
thursday. if you plan to go, the best place to park is at the montgomery county fairgrounds in gaithersburg and then you can hop on the free shuttle. >>> people are travelling to hong kong to see pink dolphins. experts say the population is declining but the sightings are consistent. in the waters near the hong kong airport, there are about 100 pink dolphins there. they're gray when they're born and then they gradually become pink as they mature. a pink bottle-nosed dolphin was spotted in this country. it was discovered in a lake in louisiana. experts believe that it is actually an albino but they're warning tourists to leave it alone. >> go and check out hong kong. pink dolphins. very cute. >> how are you? >> i'm good, j.c. >> beautiful. >> isn't it great? >> i turned the ac off, opened the windows, give our air conditioning a break and hopefully bring down the electricity bill. we're going to enjoy the nice weather. we've got clouds rolling in. maybe a little spotty shower or two. otherwise, another very pleasant day. we'll be below the average high though. enjoy the cooler conditions bef
dead inside -- found dead inside her home which unfolded tuesday night in gaithersburg. and this morning, linda so is here with new information and reaction on that child's death. linda. >> reporter: well, police are not saying much right now because they don't want to tip off suspects about what investigators have been able to uncover. but this is what we do know. neighbors say they heard screams coming from the town house on tuesday evening. when they arrived, they found 12-year-old jessica dead on the floor in the basement of her town home. she lived with family members and other res relatives in thehome. police are -- relatives in that home. police are interviewing all of them but has not focused in on one person. there's a lot that remains a mystery about the death. jessica came home from school tuesday afternoon and just hours later, she was found murdered. police are not saying how she died only that there was trauma to the upper body. jessica was straight a student at gaithersburg and her friends came to pay final respects placing flowers and balloons at a growi
to a gaithersburg home for evidence after the murder of the 12-year- old. and police are not saying much about this case. they will only tell us that nguyen died on tuesday night from some kind of trauma to her upper body. according to classmates, she lives with her mother, grandmother, sister, along with a man friends knew as a stepfather. and with little information to go on, neighbors are growing anxious. >> of course, there are fears, you know, whether we're walking around in the neighborhood or to lock our doors. >> now, the classmates continue to visit the makeshift memorial in front of her home on raven avenue. and jessica was a popular honor roll student at her middle school. >>> and now, a dc police say that they believe that they caught the man who killed a 15- year-old boy. and the 26-year-old eugene kelly of northeast is in custody. and he is charged with first- degree murder and he was ordered held without bond today. he was found shot on monday night in the 1400 block of new jersey avenue. he later died. >>> a doctor at walter reed medical center was busted for allegedly writing
. 81 in manassas and gaithersburg. we'll come back heat is just around the corner. we'll tell you when it will roll in. >>> but first, a slip up. we'll tell you why the other supreme court justices are lifting one of his rulings. that's up next. >>> well this doesn't happen often. the supreme court undoing something that one of their justices did when they went off on their own. last fall, they authorized a rarely used court power. that is acted alone if they feel like a majority of the justices would agree to hear the matter. for and they allowed four big tobacco companies to put off making the multi-million dollar payments to a stop smoking program. well this week, the court decided no. and it did not want to get involved in that case or essentially it had to lift their actions. >>> you may have had to take a drug test when you were high for your -- hired for your last july. that's what they start on doing for all the potential highers in arizona. the health insurance wants to lead by example, so they are banning the use of any tobacco products for new hires. existing employees who s
found last week in her gaithersburg home. montgomery police now say that jessica nguyen was stabbed to death. however, investigators are not releasing much information beyond that. they have not made any arrests in that case. jessica's body was discovered in the basement of the family's townhome on raven avenue. >>> four suspects are in custody, accused of stealing $500,000 worth of items. police say urns and grave  americas have been disappearing from three cemeteries in prince george's county. investigators got a tip from a scrap metal dealer. he got suspicious when he was asked to buy some of the stolen items. >>> embattled new york congressman anthony weiner is standing by his pledge to remain in office. however, many fellow democrats say that weiner's admission that he was involved in online relationships with several women is hard to defend. on monday, weiner admitted that he sent lewd pictures over twitter. virginia congressman and house majority leader eric kantor, a republican, says that whole thing needs to end. >> i don't condone his activity. i think he should resign.
-gomery county, where a been murdered,as cash and they say her killer is on the loose. in gaithersburg on ravens have the latest on this story. ben? >> family members are in thelete and utter shock, inside ofl found dead and police are investigating this as a homicide. around 7:30, police got a call andlp on raven court, found her dead on arrival. the police are investigating homicide at this time. we are interviewing family morers and neighbors for information. as family members came in and tears,the home in neighbors had so many questions. one man says of his family heard were the screams. >> a lot of blood, and they rushed to the house. they came out. now, neighbors are very anxious, even to know exactly here tonight, who for this horrific and it is still under investigation. check out our website, wjla.com, for anything new. news. the other story is the heat wave. the heat wave nearly eclipsed the district. our abc7 coverage begins with chief meteorologist doug hill. >> in the belfort furniture up the road in they broke a record. notice the record high for today was set in 1991, 20
, as is gaithersburg in montgomery county. nothing to report right now. after 1:00 today we have the chance to pick up showers and some thunderstorms. and i think a few of those clusters may deliver some severe weather, especially between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. today. we could be getting some hail. we could be getting some high winds. temperatures at 9:00 a.m., 85 degrees. by noon time, 93. i think we'll max out at 2:00 or 3:00 today at a temperature of 97 degrees, reagan national. a lot of locations just as high. by 5:00, still ongoing thunderstorms. those, again, ending 6:00 p.m. today. 92. it's during the overnight we will start clearing out and cooling off. we have some better days ahead. jerry? >> let's head out and see how the commute is going. crews went back to work last night. road work in place. 66 westbound out of boston to falls church. one travel lane getting by. the drive from the north along i-270, northbound, a little activity. southbound pretty much wide open down to the beltway. wilson bridge, both directions looking good. northeast along new york avenue, construction. >>> thanks, jerr
of the gaithersburg town home she shared with her extended family. ♪ what more can you say >> reporter: that uncertainty about what happened to her is part of what her friends and classmates are dealing with. between their tears they sang her favorite songs and shared her stories. >> sometimes people need to express their feelings to other people and they gather around and show their expression and not always leave it into in. >> it is part of life and you need to share it with others and have others support you much it . >> reporter: in the end this coming together may have been just what was needed to release some of the grief her classmates are dealing with. >> we love you. >> reporter: and some of the parents tell me they are using the priest or some other folks to help them explain all this to their children. as for the investigation here is what we know. no arrests so far and if police know what happened and why they are just not talking. >>> another tragedy this one involving a woman and her child. juaneta white was found dead in a park in maryland. her 1-year-old daughter's bod
called to a brick townhouse in gaithersburg around 730 tool last night and say the sixth grader was found dead in her home. and sting news to neighbors who witnessed only very ordinary scenes around the house. >> i would see the kids outside riding their bicycles. >> reporter: and friends say jessica liked music and art and made the honor roll at gaithersburg middle school. the school brought in grief counselors and in the neighbor, residents say the family was quiet. no signs of trouble. >> reporter: jessica and her family lived there five or six years or so. the neighbors never heard any of trouble in connection with that house and there is another child who is living at the home, a sibling and she is also a student in the months groomery county schools. brian? >> beth parker tonight. >>> thousands of prisoners serving time for crack cocaine convicts. could have their sentences shortened by years and that is mooing a free get-out-of-jail card. >> and a new way to attract followers on twitter. it's offering up a new follow shortcut button that can be placed on the website. more than 50 w
can park at the crown farm in gaithersburg and shuttle busses will take you to the main admission gate, brian. >>> thank you, laura. such a great stretch of weather but a little bit of change is coming . >> yeah, and not drastic. the clouds will be here in the morning. they're already coming in brian, and we have to say, yeah, there's a chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. i'm personally thinking that maybe they're going to hold off a little bit but we're not going to dodge them totally. by the way, i also want to say we do need rain. we just don't need lightning on the us open and we're worried about people, as brian said, that there's a lot of golfers who do really fear that and some have been struck. tonight, no rain around but we have the clouds that are coming in and you can see that here on true view. the clouds are really filling in now and yeah, could there be a slight chance of a shower earlier in the day? yes. these clouds are an important part of the forecast tomorrow, because if they break up for awhile in the afternoon, that means it's a little better chance for some shower
of 270 up towards gaithersburg. the heaviest activity is out here, just south of50 and also into st. mary's county. all this activity is moving northeast. we're in pretty good shape if you're west of i-95. let's talk about the next two days. showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, again, both morning and afternoon. and 84 for them, a bit warmer. a little better on saturday. i think we'll just have some isolated storms for you, and we're going to be tickling 90 degrees on saturday. and so you know, we'll keep you posted on that. now, what can you do? you cannot bring cell phones, cameras, pda, noipods, no food or drink. and that is eight-by-eight inches. we'll come back with more info and what you can do if you're a spectator out here and all the way through the weekend that includes rounds three and four there. >> thank you, topper. >>> well, they are selling lemonade out there. and so you know, how come they are frowning? we'll have this story a little later on. but first, boarding the bus to save some bucks. we'll tell you about today's push to dump the pump. and that is coming up next. >>>
the beltway, downtown, that's a good deal. mid-60s in rockville and gaithersburg. mid-60s in college park and bowie. now down to the south, 67 tonight. low 50s in fairfax and in reston. and you get out towards leesburg, you might duck in the upper 50s once again tonight and manassas, you too could be 59 or 60 for a low. now by the morning, mostly sunny and pleasant. 60s and 70s. winds are north, northwest at 10. so a pretty light wind. and then by the afternoon, mostly sunny, almost hot. but not humid. high temperatures are near 90. winds will continue north, northwest at 10. the air quality forecast to be code orange, unhealthy air. that's the forecast for you. i don't think that it will get to that bad of an air quality. i think it will end up being code yellow, which is moderate air quality. all right, the zone forecast for you, 74 in oakland. now, you have been held in the 60s on wednesday and thursday that will pop you in the 70s tomorrow. 85 in cumberland. 86 in hagerstown. 87 in winchester. 91 in culpepper. upper 80s in leesburg and fairfax. and downtown, 89. 89 in gaithersburg. go
of a congestion at o'neil drive in gaithersburg. >> as you can see, it is congested. i'm late for work. >> reporter: montgomery county officials say the storms that rolled through knocked out the computer system that operates the timing and synchronization of 200 signals along rockville pike. that means there's more stop and go traffic. >> reporter: how late are you for work? >> 30 minutes. >> all because of rockville pike? >> all because of rockville pike. through should be more green time. timing should work out so when you reach the next light, it will have turned green. for the most part, the entire span of rockville pike wasn't at a crawl. >> i just left for work. >> it is ok so far? >> yeah, it is. >> the out-of-sync lights did cause delays in other parts. >> of course, it is annoying. there's nothing we can do about it. >> some people got word early of the problem and avoided most of rockville pike. >> trying to find some other routes because i came on 37 0, 270, got off here and made this turn and now i have to go all the way around. >> i came down shady grove road and noticed
in gaithersburg in montgomery county. haze with 3 miles in quantico and manassas. a little fog in one or two spots. mostly sunny, look at temperatures this afternoon, lower to mid-80s. it is time for angie goff to tell you what's happening on the roads. >>> thank you, howard. as we get into the 6:00 hour, right now the green light stays on, no problems to report at this time. in fact, we want to take you over to virginia, 66 show you the eastbound trip, nice and clear from any major accidents or incidents even construction. outside we are watching volume build out of manassas over to 29 and then 50 to 123, using brakes a little bit. moving back over to the real time graphics, move it over to 395, show you we have yellow on the map outside approaching seminary, drivers are below speed. that delay is on the way. your travel times for you, hello maryland outer loop from 95 to 270 still in the green. 270, southbound no problems approaching the beltway and d.c.'s 295 no complaints. a look at construction in northeast d.c. i'll have that at 6:12. andrea and mike back to you. >>> thank you, former d.c. m
gaithersburg. beach and boating forecast. pretty nice. northwest winds tomorrow on the bay 10 to 15 but dry upper 70s, low 80s on sunday. winds turn becoming southwesterly 10 to 15 but a beautiful day again on the bay and tidal potomac. 82 to 86. beaches very nice. may be a couple clouds early tomorrow but then upper 70s, low 80s. northeasterly wind then by sunday beautiful sunshine upper 70s, low 80s. winds more southeast. water temperatures still about 65 degrees. we will come back and let you know if we can have this weekend weather continuing for us. look at the temperatures in the mountains. you might be surprised. >> all right, topper. >>> metro went toe-to-toe with a congressional committee today asking to reinstate the promised $150 million to improve the transit system. metro says without the money the progress they have made not only will stall they will go back. delia gonclaves takes a look at the top three problems that will directly affect you without that money. >> reporter: metro says safety will still be their priority but without this $150 million, they say your commute is
in gaithersburg with more on this story. john? >> reporter: jim, good evening. this certainly is a sad story. you know, we have learned from friends and neighbors that victim lived here at this home with her mother, grandmother and older sisterer who is in high school. now that's important because police informed me today that it was in fact a family member that made the call to 911 saying a child had been injured and now nearly 48 hours after the 12-year-old's body was found inside of the house. you can see many people have gathered here outside the house and some have prayed for this honor roll student and many who have come here today continue to wonder just how this happened. >> reporter: all day the memorial for 12-year-old jessica nguyen continued to grow. friends and fellow sixth grade classmates at gaithersburg middle school dropped off balloons, flowers and personal messages of hope. >> i just want her to be happy up in heaven and i told her to save me a spot next to her in heaven. >> reporter: amani jones who has known the victim since second grade said she decided to skip school today
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